Hey, Boy Scouts — Got Room For One More?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Is it too late to become a boy scout? After a week of no power, no heat and no running water, I’m thinking this family deserves some sort of Roughin’ It badge.

The MMM crew is so thankful to have our power and house back up and running. The electricity was restored for us late Friday, after six miserable days without it. Unbelievably, as I type, there are still thousands of residents of Connecticut towns without power. That’s 10 days. TEN. I don’t know how many bigwig “resignations” will come out of this catastrophe, but I am grateful to be on the other side of it.

We are still without phone, Internet or television service, which is annoying, but at least there’s light and heat. (Plus, I actually read a whole, thick book … sitting by the fireplace!) One thing that came to light through this storm: I need to get some disaster skills, yo.

I don’t know how to change a car tire or jump a dead engine. I’m not 100% on how to start a fire (without the help of some quick-fix logs). And what to do if I see a downed utility wire? Yeah, yeah … run the other way. But what else? Then, there’s my preparedness kit. Don’t really have one. Sure, we have candles, lanterns and flashlights, but what else should we have in the house or in the car at all times? Trust that I am finding out. I’ve been surely and seriously getting my Storm Part Deux Survival Kit together. This LL Bean solar emergency radio? Oh, it’s already on its way to our house.

The saving grace was that through everything, The Youngster was cool as a cucumber. He thought sleeping as a family in front of the fireplace was as fun as it gets. And wearing clothes over his warm jammies? Keep the good times rolling, Mama!

Before the storm really put its fist squarely into our stomachs, QB and I ventured out with my camera.

It was all so pretty and light. The Youngster was a little unsure of the fluffy stuff when we first set out, but he quickly became a fan. A good thing, I suppose, since winter hasn’t even officially hit us yet. Bracing myself … and trying to earn my Kick-a-Storm’s-Ass badge, too.

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