Video Killed the Radio Star … and the Blogger?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We’re quite happy to introduce the first Ms. Mary Mack video blog post! Or vlog, as the cool crowd might call it.

In this 4:39-minute video, we’re talking about stepping in — moreover, whether there’s ever time, as a parent, you should. Say, for instance, you see another parent berating their child in a store or making some other questionable choice regarding their child’s care . Do you say something? Do you step into a moment that’s not your own and try to make a soft suggestion?

We’d like to hear what you think. Watch the vlog and then leave your comments below. (Also, let us know what you think about our first shot at video blogging! Vlogging? <---Hmm, this sounds like either a dance or something you do in the yard with wood. Anyway, we’re all ears.)

Thanks, friends.

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    Lola says:

    I think we use the word judgment way out of context in this society and that is why its going to the dogs. Making a suggestion to someone is not judging. Speaking up about an important matter is not judgment. In my own daily travels, I’ve said something to lots of people – the girl sitting across from me chewing her gum loudly like a cow, the guy with the jeans sagging so low I wonder why he even has them on etc. The cow girl was very receptive to my comments. I’d never seen anyone chew gum in such a manner that all I could do was ask, “Why do you chew your gum like that?” She could’ve cussed me out or did a number of things but her reply was, “That’s how my mom chews her gum.” Well that opened up the door to a great conversation. I saw the cow girl again randomly one day and she said, “Hello Maam…I no longer chew my gum like that. I chew it like a lady with my mouth closed.” My heart melted and I gave her a hug.

    Same thing with the sagger. I said, “Your pants are about to fall down. Are you aware? Why are they hanging off of your behind like that? Do you know the origin? I don’t want to see your undies.” We talked. I asked questions. He answered. He understood. He pulled him his pants. He said thank you maam and went on his merry way to school.

    Here’s what I’ve found…when we say something, its lets you know I care and everyone on this spinning globe wants to be cared about.

    P.S. I would say who I am BUT, I know you and I know that you find me to be judgmental even though I am not. We were actually friends at some point on this journey called life and that is no longer the case because like many, you haven’t realized…it takes all kinds of ppl to make this spinning globe go round…not just the ones that say and do things the way we like them done.

    All the best to you Nicole…