O Christmas Tree … Get Off Our Car!

Monday, December 5, 2011

We planned to head out Saturday to buy a live Christmas tree. But someone — the youngest in the fam — stated clearly, and early, that he was not interested in going outside. Or even getting out of his pajammy-jams. Pancake Saturday had morphed into to Lazy Day All Day.

Know what, kid? Can’t blame you. Pillow parties and LEGO trucks totally trump brisk winds and heavy coats.

So we tried it again the next day. Success. We set out for a nearby Christmas tree farm.  It was colder than we hoped, but our spirits were high and moods were bubbly. First hiccup? Somehow in the rush and tumble to get out the door, my husband forgot QB’s coat hanging on the rack. Naturally, we only discovered this when we were 10 minutes from our destination. Oh, if only we had angled the camera a little to my left to see an empty seat next to our kid instead of a coat when we took this shot:

So we turned the rig around — after a certain father said, “Is there anything in here that we could fashion into a cover?” — and went back for the coat.

Got it, I did. And back on the road to the farm, we were. All still giggling and singing along to the corny carols on the Lite FM station.

We climbed aboard the tractor ride, ready to cut down our own towering Douglas-fir. Not so fast, you three! It was suddenly colder and the mud of the orchard was thick and sloppy. The Youngster was not amused. Every turn we made was met with an objection. Every stop, a “let’s go” pull of Mama’s hand. Plus, the trees were rather scrawny, surrounded by plenty of bad apples. <—And I’m not being symbolic here. Talkin’ about lots of sour, rotten apples hanging onto bent branches, all squashed and runny in the dried grass.

Despite my description above, the apple mash was actually kind of pretty, with all the colors melting into each other.

*Insert “Let’s go!” tug here.*

So we ditched visiting the second orchard and went for a pre-cut. (It’s a handsome one, too.)

Walking back down the steep, marshy hill, the cold scratching at our ears and faces, I was smiling. I thought, these are the moments that we will talk about in the almost too-distant summers, when we, randomly, drive past some pine trees on the highway. We’ll look back at this outing, laughing at QB’s loud protests about the tree-tied-to-car part of the transaction. We’ll probably re-live some version of it when we head out again next year (we hope) to do it all over again. Because through the mud and mishaps and cold and complaints, we were embarking on a tradition, us three, and it made us happy.


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