You’ve Already Got All the Basics … So Cook

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

OK, so is it Friday yet?  I’m not the only one dragging their way into this week, right? Not the only one feeling somewhat groggy after the holiday buzz and flurry? Back to work, back to school, back to early morning routines meant plenty of running around like headless chickens today. Oh, and I forgot to make The Youngster’s lunch last night … so, add another tablespoon of frazzle to the mix, please. Surprisingly and somehow I got it done, and fast. (Step off, Usain Bolt, I got this!) And was able to add my little star-shaped “Love, Mommy” note in the kid’s lunch box, too.

I know. Somebody alert  Benedict XVI. Sainthood is imminent.

After dropping our son off at school, the next To-Do was getting myself to the desk and writing. Not as simple as it sounds. There’s picking up toys, cleaning up morning food and dishes, seeing off husband, post-run showers, making beds, remembering to sit down to eat breakfast, checking emails, doing the social media/internet walkabout, and then getting my mind right to write. That last step is its own layer cake. Trust.

It’s kind of like cooking, all it. Ingredients, following steps, prepping, timing. No beating or burning, though. Come on, it’s a family not fraternity hazing.

So it was interesting to read, while buttering an extra-crispy English muffin (toaster’s fault, not mine) this post on “Well,” The NYTimes’ health blog. Yes, the piece is essentially about Tamra Adler’s book An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, but it’s also about a food and cooking philosophy … one that can easily be applied to our own hectic, deep-fried lives.

“Her message is that cooking does not have to be complicated, and all anyone needs are a few basics to get started. In instructing readers on the art of intuitive cooking, Ms. Adler offers not just cooking lessons, but a recipe for simplifying life.

One of her most important lessons is that we need to spend less time thinking about food and more time just enjoying it.”

Preach! It’s so true. But I also read this as a message on motherhood/parenting: You know what to do already, mama. Just do. Stop thinking about it and worrying over it. Follow your gut and go with that extra pinch of your own spice. As long as you’ve got the basics covered, it will all taste good in end.


A few quick MMM bits:

So pleased and flattered to have been featured as The Parent Du Jour yesterday. The project profiles one parent every day, with the hopes of featuring one from every country around the world. Thanks for including Ms. Mary Mack.

Speaking about international projects… our  “Whoa, Mama! Worldwide” Global Mama series is back! Starting this month, on Wednesdays, we’ll be shining the spotlight on one mother somewhere on this wonderful planet. We’re kicking off with France.

And here are some other countries we’re lining up: Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bermuda, Germany, England, Czech Rep., China, Brazil, Haiti, Turkey, Singapore, Uganda, the Congo, Hong Kong, Nairobi and Australia.

Yep. All of that thanks to you, friends.

If you have an international mother you’d like to nominate for the series, definitely send an email to: get[dot]msmack[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a good, all!

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    Amen! Thanks for sharing. (And happy new year!)

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Hey, OHM! Thank you. And Happy New Year to you and the Hungry Fam.

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    Kristin says:

    Cooking isn’t something that comes naturally to me – I never spent much time in the kitchen with my mother, and it’s not something I love. I am determined, however, to learn it well enough to get comfortable with it, trust myself, and then like it – even love it.

    Happily, parenting has come a little bit easier – kind of skipped over the learning to the loving – then came the trusting and comfort. Great post, MMM. And so glad to see you on The Parent du Jour!

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Thanks, Kristen. Sounds like you’ve got the most important part — parenting — covered.