Wordless Wednesday, With Words (leave me)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Youngster’s sick today. Bad cough and drippy, goopy nose. What? Well, you asked. Or maybe you wanted to ask, but wanted to wait for me to share those wet details. Riiight, that’s it.

Anyway, he stayed home from school, preferring instead to attach himself to Mommy’s right hip. I had plans to DO today: write a (different) post today, morning run, book edits, errands, slow lunch … but all that got nixed, and quickly. But looking at the li’l guy, all watery eyes, cackling and snot, you can’t help but give your heart over to him. This also meant that the rules were real loose today. Ahem, that’s how the Cheddar Cheese Bus was born.

Feel better soon, baby boy.

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