Genius Advice on Raising Geniuses

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gather ’round. It’s another MMM vlog, y’all! This 3:10-minute video talks about the idea of and longing for raising brilliant children. You know those kids who speak four languages (including Dothraki!) by the time they hit the first grade, and play the violin while solving calculus problems and writing code? Yeah, them. Natural, grass-fed geniuses. It all stemmed from this excellent article on called “How to raise the next Steve Jobs,” which actually offers great tips for how all parents can help their children learn.

Speaking of genius, writer Elizabeth Gilbert gave a TEDTalk on a different way to look at creativity and genius. She believes that “instead of of the rare person ‘being’ a genius, all of us have a genius.”

She talks about how in ancient Greece and Rome, people didn’t believe that creativity came from humans. They thought it was a devine spirit that came to human beings. The Romans called the spirit a genius. It’s definitely an inspiring and engaging talk here. When you find 19 minutes in your day this week or next, definitely watch Gilbert’s video. It’s worth it.

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