Terrible or Terrific, Bring on the Threes!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My original plan was to blog about this craziness: Helicopter Parents Hover in the Workplace. A story I read/heard on NPR this week. But that will have to wait, something bigger is brewing, and it’s taken over much of the week. I’ve been hustling. Even brought out the big guns … as in a glue gun. This be serious. And all the fuss? Worth it.

Can you guess what I’ll have come Sunday?


Oh, yes. The Youngster’s birthday is February 12, and we’re hosting his first real birthday party with little friends and games and cupcakes and everything. It’s a toddler celebration, y’all!

This guy …

Is now this guy …

Can you believe it?! Yeah, neither can we.

Although we’ve been told about 83 times now: “The Terrible Twos? That was nothing. Get ready for the Threes!” we are thrilled and proud to welcome in this next stage with our young blood. He’s raised the happiness bar sky-high ’round here, and we couldn’t be more delighted. So … bring on them Threes.

Happy Birthday, QB!

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