MMM’s Gone Fishin’ (Back Fairly Soon)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The view from Rialto Bridge, the oldest one across the Grand Canal in Venice. And look who joined us on the special trip. A shout-out to our Youngster, letting him know we’re thinking of him always.

Learning lots of things, like the correct way to say “thank you” in Italian is grah-tsee-ay. That hard “e” (ay) and the end is key. “Grah-tsee” does not exist. Also, the most famous church, Saint Mark’s Basilica, was essentially built from scrap heap from all over the world. All of it, fascinating and beautiful.

Anyway, I’m off again. Back to soak up some more history, culture and cool. Here’s wishing you all a great week. Ciao for now!

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