Good Night and Good Luck (All Over Again)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pray for us.

We’ve somehow gone back in time and landed in the late summer of 2009. That was when we decided to “sleep train” our 6/7-month-old son. The first night was absolutely horrible, but by night three, we had ourselves a sleeping-through-the-night young’un. My husband and I were able to eat dinner — get this– slowly! At the dinner table! While having a real live conversation! And we were happily re-introduced to this thing called The Evening.

"Yes, but this is how *I* read books, all right?"

The Youngster really took to the new sleep program, too. From 7-months on, he continued to sleep soundly through the night. Nothing salted this kid’s sleep game. Not Daylight Savings Time. Not moving to a new home (twice!). Not even transitioning from his crib to a toddler bed. Maaaan. It was glorious. Yes, glorious.  No, that’s not an exaggeration. Said it before, good  sleep is a serious matter, especially to parents and them babies.

So, right … back to our time traveling.

These last five or so weeks PI (or Post-Italy ) have been rather rough ones for the MMM Crew. Though we’ve made solid progress — for instance, The Youngster no longer kicks up a fit to go to school — the sleep portion of things is still walking with a limp.

There are random wake-ups in the thick of night, and getting QB back to sleep — in his bed, which is important — has been long and involved process. The result: We’re all waking up tired and cranky, thanks to the broken sleep. Adding another layer to this Yuck Cake, I’ve also been doing that ridiculous light, “listening for him stirring” sleep, which is utterly useless and leaves you feeling more exhausted than if you only had two or three deep-REM hours.

Oh, and at bedtime, QB is now insisting that we rub his back until he falls asleep. At first we figured, What’s 10 minutes of back-rubbing? We’ll still have The Evening. Yeah. Uh-huh. Now, kick that up to 45 minutes or even 6o minutes of trying to soothe this kid to sleep. Right. Something quite the opposite of glorious, isn’t it?

Yesterday my husband and I made the decision to pull the plug on this Let Me Control Things video game our son was playing with us. We’ve brought out our old books, namely this one: The Sleepeasy Solution, and I’ve been reading through my smarty-pants blogs (hello, Alice over at Science of Mom! *emphatic wave*). Because it’s BACK. TO. SLEEP. TRAINING!

We start tonight. I already had a chat with QB this morning during snuggle time to let him know that we’ve got a new plan. Funnily enough, last night the kid actually slept (as he says) awwwlll the way ’til the morning. He seemed quite proud of this, and we made a big deal about it. I’m thinking (OK, praying, wishing, hoping, throwing pennies into fountains-ing) that by this time next week, we’ll ALL be proud and making a big deal about our new sleep-through-the-night Youngster.

Maybe we’ll even have I Survived Sleep Training Redux tees made up for everyone.

(Still, send us positive vibes, folks!)


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    Kristin says:

    Oh boy do I hope it works out well for you. We’ve been going through similar issues – and I am not sure what is triggering it. I can’t blame the full moon all month long, can I?

    Good luck!

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Yeah, that full moon theory isn’t going to cut it, buddy. :-)

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    Waving back at you! Good luck – I’ll be thinking of you. I think that at this age it makes a huge difference to talk with him about the changes and why they’re important, so it’s awesome that you did! And man was he a little cutie!

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Thanks! Just posted this on the MMM FB page today (Sunday):

      Sleep Training Redux Report:
      Night one was horrendous. Bright side is, only lasted 30 mins and … we did it! He put himself to bed and slept through the night.

      Night two (hubby’s turn) went VERY WELL. Only 5 mins of fuss and he slept through “awwwl the way to the morning.” We’re getting there, friends. Indeed, we are.