Pausing to Get My Color Back

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have you ever seen a flower that so desperately and so clearly needs to be back in some water? It’s droopy and soft, wilted like warmed lettuce. Lying there, weary, on a dry table, you can see muted version of its special, brilliant tones — the vibrancy almost all drained away — at the base of the bulb. Maybe it was mistaken for dead and so was dragged out of the comfort of its vase.

But it’s not dead. It’s not dying. This thing, delicate and important, just needs some time to get its color back. It needs some repositioning, some sunlight, some quiet all in order to flourish again and stand tall.

For the last few weeks — maybe as many as eight — I’ve been feeling like that flower. Like I need a chance to get my color back. I’m still trying to feel comfortable here in our new environment, feel rooted in our new CT Life. It hasn’t happened yet, and that has left me somewhat out of sorts. Off balance. Out of my vase filled with water.

Now, I wholeheartedly agree that¬†happiness is a choice, and I am actively choosing it. But in order for me to arrive at Happy in a real and true way, I need to work through this other stuff. The stuff that is blocking my path there. The best part is, I know I will work my way though.¬†I’ve done it before. So there’s nothing stopping me from doing it again, ever brilliantly.

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    Kristin says:

    I know you absolutely will. I did! And thanks for directing me back to Chookooloonks link. It’s important to remember how much control we have over our attitudes and perceptions.

    Let the sun shine in! (cue hippies dancing)