Hey, Sleepy Parent! Come on, Get Happy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quit it! Yeah, I said it. Quit your belly-achin’ about the lack of sleep, or the fact that you haven’t seen a current movie — in the cinema — in over six years. Enough about the no-time-or-energy for mattress dancing. (Oh, please. You know exactly what that means.) And not another word about the number of times you’ve stepped on LEGO on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Nobody wants to heat it. Because guess what? You’re not miserable after all, Parent. You’re happy! You’re even happier than your No-Kids-Havin’ mates. Uh-hunh. There are even studies and research and science that prove this to be true, true, tue. In fact, it is “undeniable that parents have become relatively happier than non-parents over the past few decades.”


Uh, what’s that? Let’s talk about the “relatively happy” part, you say? Nah. Why ruin this with semantics and details and context.

I’m just glad there’s finally a study or news report where someone isn’t talking about how much they hate parenting. Or how modern motherhood is somewhat like a prison. Or ¬†how American parents are losing at the Best Parents of All the Land games.

We’re happy, y’all. We’re happy. Let’s feel good about that.

(But for real, this parenting thing is pretty damn good. There are ups and bumps and dips, but I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything. OK. Maybe for more sleep. Kidding! Happy people do that, you know? They kid.)


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    Catherine says:

    And definitely more ups than downs :)

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Agreed! There are bumpy patches, as with most important, meaningful things in life. But the ups are absolutely splendid. Thanks for the comment, Catherine.