Celebrating the Keepers

Saturday, May 12, 2012

As he approached the car, I saw him clutching it in his little hand. I couldn’t make it out fully as he walked towards me. I knew it was colorful and I knew I loved it. Even though it was the last school day before the weekend, before Mother’s Day, I honestly didn’t expect anything. My mind was busy, focused on planning and errands and this and that. But then, when I saw him, when I saw the small, rectangle-d thing bopping in the sunny, open air, my heart … it just surged.

This, my first ever handmade Mother’s Day gift, is immediately special and important. It reminded me of some of the homespun works I gave my own mother (awww, yeah … talking ’bout you, dry macaroni jewelry box. Stay proud, you rock-hard, corny thing.). It’s beyond sweet. And even though my son will probably not remember anything about it, this orange frame will never be forgotten.

That’s just what we do. We mothers keep the memories, the moments, safely stacked and stored. Even when the actual glued up, painted, sparkly, uneven, macaroni thing is misplaced, ruined or tossed, it’s still in the vault.

I was thinking about that storehouse — the Mama Lockbox — when I read this beautiful tribute to a mother gone by writer Timothy Egan in the New York Times. He talks about his mother, who passed away, and what left along with her. “[Y]ou also lose the true keeper of your memories, your triumphs, your losses. Your mother is a scrapbook for all your enthusiasms.”

And again, my heart surged.

Happy Mother’s Day to all. A special warm wish to those of you facing the day without — without your mother, without your child. I can’t imagine how difficult and sad it might be for you today, in the face of celebration and sweetness and reverence. But know that you have will always have them, nestled there where you keep all things important and loved.

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    Kristin says:

    That is cute! I will admit, though, that I’m relieved that my kids don’t go to a preschool that does crafts centered around every special day that comes along.

    And that’s a wonderful reminder and comfort for those who have lost mothers (or children) – which can make this day so difficult.