Looking Past the Clouds, Letting Some Life In

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It all still seems like a dream. A bad, horrible, please-wake-me-up dream. And even though a large part of my brain doesn’t want it to be, it is… it’s real.

I got the sad news late last week that a friend passed away. It’s shaken me. It’s shaken everyone. I still don’t have access to the words, the language I need to flesh this out and process what happened. The only way to describe the last few days is dark. A dark room that feels foreign and fraught and unpleasant.

But over there — right there — slipping in through the slim door of this murky room is the kid. My kid. And he is all light, all smiling, all charm, all energy and giggles. He really is a beacon for me in this starless night. So I try to pull it together, open the heavy curtains, look past the clouds and let some life in.


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