Teddy’s Jam Gone Bad: The Hunt For New Tunes

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My husband and I know all of the words — and, if we thought about for forty seconds, probably all of  the breaks and musical notes as well — to a song called “Dancing With Teddy.” This is not a humble brag. It’s not even a proud truth. It’s a sad and simple testament to our limited CD selection in the family car.

The thing is, we’re a music-loving, jammin’-on-the-one kind of family. The husband has, at last tedious count, just over 1,000 CDs. (Look, no one is counting those horrible boxes of cassette tapes collecting dust in the back of the back closet. No, ma’am.) He’s got truly eclectic taste, as you’d notice if you ever broke into his car. The CDs — uh, yes, those ones on the passager seat, and that cracked case on the floor, and that short stack wedged in the door caddy (subtle, right?) — range from Bowie and Bluegrass to Le Rail Band and Wu-Tang. And I’m right there with him. Mind you, I don’t love everything he’s rocks with, but I have an open mind and like to mix things up when it comes to music. And, if I’m being honest, I have my own quirky listening habits (i.e., playing certain songs —  usually just one — on repeat when I’m writing.)

So why have we been playing the same kiddie CD for almost three years? Maybe it’s becasue this house runs better with solid routines in place, but I suspect basic laziness is more likely the cause for this auditory assault we’ve been subjected  to — on loop!

Today’s the day we tell that Teddy Bear to have seat. *insert record scratch here*

We’re heading out on a road trip this weekend. It’s the husband’s high school reunion. This means about five hours in the family car. This means I’ve just downloaded some new music to my iPhone. This means we’ll be — literally — singing a new song. I’m already shimmying and we haven’t even packed our bags yet.

How about you, what’s your family listening* to in the car these days?

*Know what? This feels like a good time for a giveaway! Let’s do this: Leave a comment below about your favorite music to listen to with your kiddos (could be Justin Roberts or  Justin Bieber — no judgment) and one randomly-selected reader will win an  iTunes gift card for $15. Fun, yes?

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    mumsyjr says:

    We love Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Easily forgotten early-sixties stuff. Our favorites are “In With The Out Crowd” and “Ring-Dang-Doo”. It’s boppy, it’s easy to sing along with, and it’s NOT the frickin-frackin Fresh Beat horror.

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    Kristin says:

    Okay, so I do like my Music Together – and the kids do too, but they are outgrowing it. But our favorite for our own vacation road trip was absolutely Free to Be You and Me. The kids sing the words to “It’s alright to cry” and “Brothers and Sisters” and “William’s Doll.” We also like the Coal Train Railroad CDs (http://coaltrainrailroad.com) and I’ve been trying to get them to love the Funk Compilation that I picked up at a yard sale. (Brick House! Tell Me Something Good!)

    We listen to a lot of different stuff at home (my husband has similar tastes to yours), and because I’m CD and vinyl, my personal music tastes have taken a back seat. But I’m slowly being dragged into the digital music world. So, basically, I want that gift card to buy “Off the Wall” and “Planet Earth” to blast at home.

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Oh, no dis to Music Together. We’re fans over here. It’s just, you can imagine, listening to some of those songs on loop for three years is just plain rude. Happy to report, though, the new music I downloaded (mainly Justin Roberts and some Lisa Loeb) went over quite well in the car. Even sneaked in a Coldplay song — and the husband barely noticed. :-)

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    Erin H says:

    we love Caspar Babypants. He was the lead singer for Presidents of the U.S.A. Good music and plenty of cds. http://www.babypantsmusic.com/fr_home.cfm

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    Nicole says:

    We listen to The Laurie Berkner Band, Caspar Babypants, Elizabeth Mitchell, Recess Monkey, They Might Be Giants (great kids cds), Captain Bogg & Salty (pirate music! they do the music for Jake and the Never Land Pirates) and then there’s my why did I ever buy this cd, Choo Choo Soul.