Word for Wednesday: Milestones

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We weren’t sitting next to each because the venue was too packed. It was my oldest niece Ebonie’s college graduation, and my big sister Yvette and her husband gave the family the better seats while they found two others towards the bleachers. It’s too bad they were so gracious, relinquishing their seats, because I wanted ┬áto be close by my sister that day, hoping to catch a glimpse of her face when the moment happened — when her first “baby” moved into adulthood with this most significant achievement.

It was indeed a milestone. One that still makes me smile as the mushy memories (I used to play dolls with you. I used to braid your hair. I used to color in books. Now look at you!) crowd my mind.

Then I think about my own baby — the baby who is growing so quickly, changing every day — and about how time seems to be moving like it’s on fire. And I want to hold on to those moments, specifically the sweet, special, little ones. The ones the books don’t ever mention*, like the first time you snuggle up on the couch and watch the rain through the window. Or the first time he tells a joke that makes you laugh, honest and loud.

Maybe those were some of the things that rushed to my sister’s mind as she looked down to that emerald carpet at another big first for her daughter. First Payoff from Persistence.

[*Here’s my list of 10 Fun Milestones the Books Don’t Mention that I wrote for mom.me. Have a read, and let me know what you’d add!]

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    Yvette Blades says:

    I was crying and in total awe, that my family came from so far to share this special day with us!