The Buzz of BlogHer ’12

Friday, August 17, 2012

Two weeks ago today I jumped on the train and went to NYC for the 8th annual blogging conference BlogHer ’12. It was pretty cool. Massive — some 5,000 people there — but fun.

The panels I sat in on were great, but the best part of the conference for me was meeting people who I chat with online (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram) all the time, but have never met in person. See just a few of their lovely faces below.

Oh, yes, that is Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame. No, I don’t talk to her online. But I will say this, she looks good … and radically different. Barely recognized her walking through the expo hall with her Hollywood hair and heels. She was kind enough to snap pictures with us — celebrities in our own right. Ha.

There were plenty of hilarious moments. Some unintentionally funny/incredibly foolish ones, too.

There were also plenty of freebies floating around. The one that seemed to have garned the most, uh, buzz was the toy (below) that the Trojan people were giving away. Every other corner I turned, someone was coming up to me, a mix of giddy and sneaky, urging me to get to the Trojan booth with quickness. They’re giving vibrators to evv-ery-onnnne!

So, because I care about you, my MMM friends, I nabbed two of them … just. for. you.

This is the giveaway I hinted at yesterday! Yes, it was a picture of a butterfly not bees. (You know, as in the birds and the bees.) Man, look. I said it was a semi-hint. Let’s move on, yes?

All right so .. how do we give these fun toys away? Thinking I’ll follow the lead of another site that gave away some good vibrations as well: Just comment on this post about ANYTHING — romance, intimacy, literal birds, annoying bees, Marvin Gaye, high thread count sheets, or … sex (or the lack thereof for so many of us parents) — and two lucky people will be chosen at random to win either the Tri·Phoria® Intimate Massager or the Trojan Pulse® Intimate Massager. Lucky y’all!

And don’t be shy. We’re all grown folk in here.

  • 1
    Kristin says:

    Thanks for the reminder of my sleek hair back then. Feels like ages ago already! And thank you also for the link-back to my giveaway on Baristakids. I know there were some disappointed parents who didn’t win, so hopefully they’ll sign up here! :)

  • 2
    Angela says:

    As a newlywed in a 2nd marriage, I would so love to win one of those. With a blended family of step kids, kids, dogs, in laws, baby mommas, baby daddies this would come in handy.

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Ha! This comment is winning no matter what happens. Thanks, Angela.

  • 3
    Denise says:

    My husband and I have been together for 25 years and are very lucky that we are still very hot for each other. A little gift like this will likely help to keep the hot feelings going for another 25 years.

  • 4

    Since I couldn’t in the vibrator we gave away on Barista Kids, I’m entering here. I’m celebrating my 10 year anniversary this Friday with an amazing man. That’s both romantic and sexy.

    • 4.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Wow! Ten years ain’t nothing to sneeze at, ma’am. Congratulations, Georgette! (We’re celebrating six years next week.)

      • 4.1.1
        Kristin says:

        I’m celebrating eight this week! Now we need to find a seven and a nine…

          Ms. Mary Mack says:

          Happy Anniversary, Kristin!

            Kristin says:

            Same to you – and GG! We have two: The City Hall date comes first, then the wedding for family a few days later. It’s good because if we forget the first one, there’s a second chance. :)

  • 5
    I never win give aways says:

    As parents of a newborn, my husband and I (ok, mostly me) could use any and all motivation in the sex dept. And pseudonym! Great idea Kristin :)

    • 5.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Well, maybe this time around you can finally change your name!