The Case of the Hilarious Potato Sacks. Sigh.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

We’ve always used the anatomically correct names for body parts with our son. Nothing too crazy, though. We still say “bum.” Frankly, because it’s a cuter word than the alternative.

But this morning we had a moment that threw me. Actually, it threw me into hysterical laughter … followed by long moments of plain hysteria.

I don’t typically change clothes or get dressed infront of the kid. He doesn’t need all that information right now. Come on. He’s three-and-half. However, in my rush to get ready for a morning run, he ended up following me back into my dressing room. He was quietly playing with a car on the carpet. That is, until I went to put on my sports bra.

“Aaah!” he shrieked. “I want to touch your potato sacks!”

“I’m sorry —  my what?” I said, hoping I misheard him.

“Your potato sacks!” he says again, this time pointing at my, um, chestal area.

I slipped on that bra lightening fast — while doubled-over in laughter, yes. Then my mind went through different checks, all with the purpose of calming itself:

Well, he did just have a potato sack race at day camp last week?

Well, my skin is brown … sort of like a potato?

Well, maybe he meant sweet potato?

Well, this is where he got nourishment. And potatoes are nourishing. 

Well… damn.

“Uh, these are not potato sacks,” I said, finally, after catching my breath.

“What are they?”

[Long inexplicable pause.] “These are … your — These are. Mommy’s. breasts.”

He blinks, smiles and goes back to playing with the car.

And I go back to getting ready, stashing this moment in my brain (or maybe the better hiding place would be in these potato sacks!) to laugh/write about later.

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    Kristin says:

    Oh my goodness. Kids are so funny. And they do seem to want to possess our bodies long after they ought. My kids still take a bath together – body part chaos ensues!

    (Thoughtfully edited to remove the comment about how part of the photo could be seen as resembling another body part.)