Starting Our Own “Once Upon A Time”

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This morning, during the short “play/hang” time before The Youngster heads off to school, we did something that was simple, fun, easy, and that thrilled beyond words:

We wrote a story!

Actually, he told me a story, and I quickly scribbled it down on paper for him. This story didn’t have a title, and if you include the “The End”  that I tacked on to give the thing some finality (ha!), there were no more than 50 words there, but it was just perfect.

As a parent, the fact that my kid really likes reading is, of course, wonderful. And countless studies show us the benefits of reading with your kids (as well as how you read to them). But now that we’re moving into crafting our own stories, let me tell you, as a parent and writer, I am   … well, I’m downright giddy. Clearly.

I’m looking forward to doing more of this, but, but, but, I’ll make sure not to push things, not force it. For example, after we wrote this story up, he was excited to hold the paper and read it with me. He shared it with his dad, too.

However, when I flipped the paper over, ready for the next story (it was about a race car and mud, you should know) … he had already moved on.

“What happened to the race car in the mud?” I asked, just once.

“Nothing. Nothing happened to it. I didn’t say anything else, Mom.”

Fair enough.

And off he went to put on his light-up sneakers, ready to head to school.

The End.

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