Yes, Yes, But What About Meeeeee?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

If you’ve read MMM for the last two years, you know that I’m a fan of journalist/blogger Lisa Belkin. In fact, I used to do a weekly, blog/link wrap-up called And So It Was Blogged (clever, I know), and a week rarely went by where I didn’t include something from Motherlode (the NYT‘s wildly popular parenting blog that Belkin headed up for three years before moving on to Huffington Post Parents last fall).

Turns out, Belkin actually read MMM, and once left a comment on this post inviting me to email her (yes!) to discuss writing for her on Motherlode (YESSS!).

I giddily wrote two essays for Belkin’s Motherlode: this one about being mistaken for the nanny (girrrl.), and then this one on dealing with other people’s bratty kids.

Last month, at BlogHer ’12, I got the chance to meet Belkin, in person. We had only emailed and spoken on the phone up, so it was lovely to hear her say: “Gimme a hug!” Indeed, she’s cool like that. Anyway, we chatted briefly, but it reminded me how much I enjoyed working with her. Now, if you’ll kindly allow me just a little bit more self-promo here, we’ll get to this:

My first essay on Huffington Post Parents!  

It was great working with Lisa B., and I’m definitely looking forward to doing it more.

This piece is about battling, what I call, The Borings that often come attached to parenthood, like a weird, checkered pouch on an otherwise fab skirt. Happy to say that the response on this has been great. Lots of mothers (vets and newbies) told me some form of, “I can soooo relate!

Anway, have a read and let me know some of your tactics for tackling The Borings.

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    Kristin says:

    What I love about this essay is that it doesn’t stop with “I’m so bored!” The author (OMG – You!) takes responsibility for changing changing it up. I’m so glad that you are getting more recognition for your craft, because that’s exactly what you’re showing developing writers – that it’s a craft. Your final line of the essay makes it clear. Congrats!

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    Ms. Mary Mack says:

    Kristin, thank you, thank you! Such kindness. Really, thank you. Very much appreciate your support — and from the early days, too. :-)