Starting October With a Challenge

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October. It’s really here! Maybe it’s the crispness in the autumn air or the fact that the month starts on a Monday, but something about October feels like a fresh page. Time to start something new and good and possibly a bit out of your lane.

Time for a challenge.

Time for a 30-day challenge, to get that consistency muscle working.

I mentioned this very thing on Twitter on this morning, and my homegirl Bassey Ikpi (read up on this woman!) responded that she felt the same way.


Bassey told me about this health and fitness one: Plank & Green October Challenge. And I told B that I was already on board (heh!) with the Plank part of the plan. Kind of working my way up to the Green portion. I have A Thing about green drinks. Love me or leave me alone.

Bassey’s a superhero so she’s all in for the full P&G Challenge. But then she said this: “I need a writing one.”

Excellent idea, a writing challenge. Let’s start one, I said. B agreed.

Speed up the tape, and we’re here: The #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge.

Here’s the skinny: Every single day of October, write something for 30 minutes or one full page. It could be  for your blog, an essay, your novel — doesn’t matter — just write! And do it consistently for 30 straight days. (Yes, we know October has 31 days, but your Writing Brain doesn’t need all those details. Think 30.)

And as Bassey wisely said on her blog: Don’t worry about grammar and editing. “Right now, just write. Write now.”

We are also giving out daily one-word writing prompts — if you need them. The prompts are there to help kick-start the creative, but if you’re dancing to your own drum, play on!

The prompts will be announced the evening before. As in right about now. So for tomorrow — Day One — the prompt is: COURAGE.

All right. All write.


This is a departure from MMM‘s regularly scheduled parenting programming, but as you know, I’m a writer just as I’m a mother. All parts of the same Blades. (I know, I know. The F.A.Q./About Me post that I keep threatening to write is coming. Lord, hear our prayer.) It would be interesting to hear from some of you who don’t write for a living, but who decided to take this challenge. Feel free to share thoughts, questions, stuck-in-the-mud-ness with me on Twitter (hashtag #30WriteNow) or on MMM‘s Facebook page or here in the comments.