And So, Time To Pack

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I like to introduce new things to my kid in pieces. It feels like the best way for his young mind to process what’s happening next.

Picture Day is next Wednesday? We start talking about it at bath time two days before.

Grandma and Grandpa coming to visit this weekend? Thursday, at bath time — you get the deal.

It’s really allowed for smooth transitions and introductions of new things. So last night I told The Youngster about my trip away with my sisters. He listened intently, as he typically does during our evening chats. And his response — I want to go on that trip too, Mom! — kinda melted me.

I tried to get a little more specific:

Me: Did you know that Auntie Vette and Auntie Nailah are Mommy’s sisters? So that makes three sisters, and all three sisters will be going on this little trip.

Youngster: I’m a sister too. That’s four sisters. I want to go on the trip too, Mom.

These smart-pants kidpops and all that learnin’! 

It’s a ridiculous understatement to say that I will miss that delightful little guy. And keeping it honest, a large part of me is sad about leaving, not being able to see/kiss/smell/snuggle his delicious, tiny face for those days that I’m away.

But there’s another page to my inner dialogue at play here too. It’s the part that reminds me that all of this — the time away, the time to recharge, the space to reconnect — is so very necessary. Because, yes, I will miss my kid and my husband and Us The Family, but I don’t want to ever feel like I’m missing me.

And so, time to pack.

See you middle of next week, friends!


For those doing the #30WriteNow October Challenge, be proud — you’re doing it! The prompt (if you need it) for Day 11 is DOUBT. And, you heard it here first, the prompt for tomorrow, Day 12, is … PASSION.

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