Them Babies: They’re Cute, But Costly

Friday, October 12, 2012

Posting this on my phone from the backseat (or one of them) of the biggest SUV I’ve ever seen. This thing is like a young jet! And this is fitting, since I’m en route to the airport. Sisters Trip 2012, y’all! Better ask somebody!

Anyway, it’s crazy early in the morning. Oh-dark-30. Too dark to see much of anything, so naturally I pull out the iPhone. This is how I came across this fantastic — and depressing — infographic via Babble via Twitter. And goodness me, you know I dig an infographic. This one is from Early Childhood Education about the costs — financial and emotional — of raising them kids. Hold on to your hat, the numbers — even in bright colors — ain’t pretty.

Hoping this works from my phone …

Costly Kids



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