Trick or Treat or Try Mama Next Year?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Halloween was a bust. Thanks to Storm-tober here in the Northeast , it was official cancelled. The downed trees and electrical poles on the roads proved a wee bit unsafe and all.

I remember heading outside with The Youngster to play in the pretty snowfall (see photo proof below), before it turned into Stormageddon up in this piece: no power, no heat, no running water or flushing toilets. It was rude.

We didn’t mind missing out on Halloween that  much since hunting for  bottled water, fire wood and peanut butter took priority. Plus, our son wanted to be a school bus. Correct. The whole bus, not something feasible like the school bus driver. As you might guess, I didn’t really have his “costume” worked out all the way either, so I was kind of relieved … and distracted by the no-power/heat/water thing. (Can you tell I’m still a tad bitter about that bloody storm?)

His first Halloween? Honey, I was on it. He was this cuuuuute, fuzzy, butterball-y spider. The next year, a train engineer, complete with red neckerchief. He was a baby/toddler then, and didn’t really get most  of it. And the six candies he got in his plush bag were rightly jacked by his parents. Baby teeth, baby. Baby teeth.

So now we’re here: boyhood. This year he wants to be grapes. Don’t ask; I didn’t.  But there’s still a potential hiccup to his Halloween … his mama.

A casual invitation was floated out to us by some nice friends with older kids to join them as they do the trick-or-treat walk through their neighborhood. My husband thinks it’ll be great fun, but then, that guy’s a big fan of Halloween. The list of his childhood costumes are impressive, to say the least. Ex., one year my husband was Howard Cosell. He doned a sports coat, parted his hair on the side and appeared at your door with a dramatic Trick. Aww. Treat. <—Try this in your best Cosell impression.

Although I agree that it sounds fun, I think 3 years old too young for a full-on Halloween run. He’s not going to be allowed to eat even an eight of the candy (Baby teeth! ), that’s for starters. And I don’t think he’s going to be up for the house-to-house thing wither. Wait, we’re not going inside to play, Mom? 

Now I’m wondering if I’m thinking too much of it? Maybe 3 is a fine age. Although, my earliest memory of my own Halloween days was kindergarden. But that was then. And “then” was waaaay different.

What about you folks? When did your kids start hitting the trick-or-treat trail? And what did you do about all the sugar madness — give them a one-day Eat What You Want, For Tomorrow It Will Be Gone? These are things I’d like to know, now that — *knocking biggest piece of wood ever* — there’s no fun–canceling, crazy storm on the horizon this year.

*more wood-knocking*

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