A Word About 2013 …

Monday, December 31, 2012

This year — especially the last half of it — has been strange and bumpy. Friends suffered unbearable losses, people I care deeply about have battled serious illnesses and faced sad, sad challenges, and the world has been stunned by horrible, shockingly bad news. I’m endlessly grateful that my immediate family has come through relatively intact. We’re all healthy and whole and happy to be here, ushering in another New Year.

I must admit, though, I’ve been off my game for much of this month. This time last year, I already did my “annual review” and found my word for the New Year (it was “impact”). Looking back at that post from just before Christmas 2011, I sounded so full of wonder, so eager to dive into the 2012 — a year that somehow felt special, sparkling, as if crackling with extra promise and sunshine.

And now, here at the end of this sparkling thing, it’s taking real effort to turn my eyes away from the crumbs of what was and lean my body towards what will come. But I’m determined to face 2013 with that same level of hope and aplomb I had last December. It’s important, necessary, so that I can step towards the newness with eyes, heart and mind open.


Which brings me to my word for the New Year: determination. For 2013, I plan to be focused, purposeful, attacking my “mountains” with grit and grace. I plan to be determined.

How about you, do you have One Word to help guide your 2013?

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