These Kids … They Be Knowin’

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The babies, y’all. The babies are running this world!

Exhibit A: Zora Ball.

Photo: Philadelphia Tribune Photo/Harambee Institute

This sweet first-grader is the youngest person ever to create a full version mobile app. It’s a video game. As reported in the New Pittsburg Courier:

“Seven-year-old Ball has also become a master of the Bootstrap programming language, and when asked, Ball was able to reconfigure her application on the fly using Bootstrap”.

Again, Zora Ball is IN THE FIRST GRADE. Just fantastic. This child’s future … brilliant. I’m proud and I don’t even know the baby.

On the topic of fantastic kids, my wise li’l sister sent me this video of the young’un called Kid President giving us all a pep talk. I’m guessing we can all use one.

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