Learning New Tricks and Superpowers

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Earlier in February I started writing a fun, new series on xoJane. It’s a list of things — from giving a great toast to fixing a flat tire — that I feel an adult woman should pretty much know how to handle. No skydiving, no swimming with manatees or even learning how to speak Mandarin. These aren’t dares. Not a bucket list, more an I Got This list.

It’s about being more self-reliant, feeling empowered, and maybe learning a few new tricks along the way.

Speaking of tricks and power, have you seen this video making the rounds about the importance of learning how to code? Man, listen. Take the 5:45 to watch this vid and learn a little some thing about the “new superpower” that isn’t being taught in 90 percent of schools in America.

I’m thankful for the basic HTML that I learned back when I was an editor at ESPN.com four score years ago. It especially comes in handy writing this blog. But imagine if I knew a little more? Imagine if I knew a lot more?

Yeah, think I see one more thing to add to my I Got This list.

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