It’s March … So, Get Happy?

Friday, March 1, 2013

It’s March.

No … hear me, though … IT’S MARCHHH! WHAT THE HELL?!

Also, who let this happen? I was just getting my mind around the 2013 part of things, and now we’re flipping the calendar again? What kind of sleight of hand trickery…?

I figured it’s best to ease into all of this with a little laughter. So there’s this helpful list from comedian Jason Good. It’s about a month old, but the yucks are fresh:

46 Reasons My Three-Year-Old Might Be Freaking Out. The few that made me chuckle?

His shirt has a tag on it.

His sock is on wrong.

A balloon he got six months ago is missing.

Ah, them babies. Even when they are not trying they’ll crack you up. But now that I have an official Little Kid, I can totally chill. (Wait, 4 years old is the beginning of the Little Kid/Non Toddler portion of the program, right? We’ve cleared the Toddler hurdle, yes? YES??)


But seriously, folks, if you need some insight into the Toddler Brain, and more specifically, why she just threw all the crayons at the dog after she professed love to her fluffy buddy seconds earlier, Slate’s Melinda Wenner Moyer has some legitimate answers.

Aaaand back to the laughs. If you want to be cackling on the regular, might I direct you to The Honest Toddler blog. I usually get bite-sized giggles from HT’s Twitter page, but now news comes that a full book is on the way, May 7. I’m already laughing.

That should keep you smiling for a bit.

Oh, but if you’re more up for a tear-in-the-eye, heart-warmed kind of smile, then definitely read this: We Found Our Son on the Subway. It’s pretty golden.

Have a good one, friends.

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