My Kind of Towwwwn (Chicago Is)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Earlier this week, I hinted at some great news that had come my way. It’s official now, so time to share it with you: I’ve been invited to speak at BlogHer ’13 this year! In Chicago!

Actually, let me clear my throat …


Every time I think about it, I do a little shimmy where I sit or stand and smile like a superstar. I’ve attended BlogHer twice — when it was in NYC — and both times I came away clicking my heels. The panels, the conversations, the connections, the friends (who I finally to met face-to-face), all of it fantastic. And now being invited to sit on a panel and experience this fine, fine gathering from a different angle? We’ve moved past the clicking of heels, man. Time to bust out the Cabbage Patch-Vogue-Robot-Drop It And Twerk move. I mean, what better time for all that glory, right?

My panel is: Writing – Pitch & Publish (Presentation: Turning Blog Posts into Published Essays/ Roundtable: Anatomy of A Story), and I can. not. wait!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 1.17.18 PMPlus, I’ve had Chicago on my “Girl, Hurry Up And Get There Already” list of cities for far too long. There’s specific food with my name on it and fellow blogger-homies  there with good times in hand just waiting to be shared.

Speaking of sharing, you can join the fun at BlogHer ’13! Just use promo code BH13SPKR for 20 percent discount on a Blogger Rate Full Conference pass: If you do go, you MUST find me and say hello.

Wait, did you hear that? Awww, yeah … it’s the sweet sounds of a giveaway rolling up!

OK, so there’s a new movie coming out tomorrow called What Maisie Knew starring the fabulous Julianne Moore and dashing Alexander Skarsgard along with Steve Coogan and young Onata Aprile who makes her stellar film debut as “Maisie.” The movie is a “contemporary reimagining” of Henry James’ novel from 1897(!) with the same title. Told from of 6-year-old Maisie perspective, it’s about the fallout from her parents’ divorce and bitter custody battle over her.

Here’s the trailer:

When I first read about this film being made, I thought immediately of Kramer vs. Kramer. That was rough! I first saw that with my father as a child, and by the end of it, we were both practically weeping like babies.

Although What Maisie Knew is at times heartbreaking and difficult to watch, say film reviewers, it’s a captivating look at the price of innocence not lost, but unprotected.

In other words, take your tissues, people!

So, the giveaway … three lucky readers will receive:

  • A WHAT MAISIE KNEW poster signed by star and (summertime HBO vampire!) Alexander Skarsgard
  • An autographed copy of Julianne Moore’s newest children’s book from her Freckleface Strawberry Series
  • WHAT MAISIE KNEW pens from Millennium Entertainment

All you have to do is leave a comment below to be entered into the giveaway. What other movies about children caught between bickering parents stuck in your mind, stayed with you like Kramer vs. Kramer did for me? Leave it below and you could be a winner!