So … We Bought a House!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I really should have called this post: Smell Ya Later, Jive Turkeys!

Note that I would mean actual turkeys. Wild ones.

If you’ve read MMM in the last (almost) two years or you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’re familiar with the gang of wild turkeys that live in our backyard. And by backyard, I mean the woods. The forest. We live in semi-sticks of central Connecticut, and coming from Planet Brooklyn (and for a hot minute, Montclair, NJ), let’s just say this #CTLife has been an adjustment — daily.

In this same woods-yard, we’ve seen some spectacular sunrises and sets. We’ve seen snow covered trees, as tall as city buildings. We’ve also seen some of those mighty greens break at the middle and large limbs crash to the ground in “freak” storms.

We’ve been without electricity, heat and running water for nine days.

And I’ve gone nearly as many days without seeing other live adults (to whom I’m not married). The houses are far apart here, with long winding driveways. I typically see the “neighbors” when I’m out running and they drive by in their cars. I just wave at cars by reflex now, like fanning a fly from my ear. I don’t even know if these people wave back. For all I know, they could be random folks who made a wrong turn, surprised to find a cul-de-sac and weirdo running in the middle of winter on the no-shoulder road. It doesn’t really matter — I figured that out quickly.


View from the driveway, heading out for a run.

All this to say: It’s a wrap on awwwwlll that.

We bought a house and in a little under a week (cue the screams heard at the gates of hell), we’ll be moving in.

It’s big and good news, for sure. We’ve been renters for our entire working adult lives so far, so stepping into homeowners’ shoes is a big deal. Excitement is there, but it’s been tempered with the obstacle course that is Buying a Home. The process is long and filled with not just a little bit of paperwork and documentation and steps and money. Lawd ha’ mercy — the money. I still can’t get behind anything called “closing costs.”

We’ll be in a real neighborhood with actual neighbors. There’s even an annual summer block party, yo! (*insert copyrights-approved clip of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s Summertime here*)

And I’ll finally be able to paint walls whatever color I choose; drill large holes in those walls, if I want; or knock down the same painted, holey wall to create space for a secret reading nook should the obvious need arise.

Yes, it also means that if something goes slightly awry with the boiler in the middle of the night, there’s no call to the super or landlord now. We’re on our own. But that’s for another post. This is a floating-on-clouds post. Let’s not ruin things.

It’s called selective vision, friends.

Today is about getting hyped for the move. Which is happening in less than a weeeeeek and the packing … THE PACKING UP OF EVVV-ER-RRYY-THIIING! (Right, right, back to the clouds, Blades.)

Oh, and more good news for the cloud surfing: I’ve finished writing my third novel! It’s been a year in the making, and as of noon, June 7, I am so pleased to say that it’s complete. Some shake-it-like-a-Polaroid-picture’ing should be done, yes?

More soon, team. (I have a feeling there are adventures coming up just waiting to be written about.)