On Summer Colds and Doing Too Much Blvd.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back when the year was still fresh, I started looking at how I spent time on these internets and I wasn’t impressed. I was scrolling through Facebook with a though bubble over my head that simply said: meh.

I wasn’t learning anything anymore. The whole thing had passed “boring” and was settling into “numbing.”  Now, this is no dis to those who like and enjoy hitting Facebook on the daily. I’m not pulling a “I don’t own a TV–sniff-snobby-nose-lookdown” here. Just talking about my experience with this particular social media giant. (Also? Zuckerberg, I got no beef with you. If I get randomly hacked tomorrow, I’ll know what’s really hood.)

Twitter, which I like more than FB anyway, was also dragging me down. I’d come away feeling somewhat deflated. So I took a break. For about three months, I focused my energies on finishing my third book. And — awww, yeah — I did finish it! During that time, as I mentioned before, we also bought our first house. There was a lot going on in real-time life, I didn’t have the space to feel like I was missing out on all that happens in the online world.

It was good hiatus. I came back to things with fresh eyes and low on weariness. (Listen, with outstanding things like this photo-imagining project on human genetics’ incredible reach floating around the internet, how dare I speak of boredom??)

So I settled how I spend my web time.


This scene needs to become regular for me.

But now, as I sit here with an annoying summer cold that basically jumped me in the alley behind Doing Too Much Blvd., I might need to take a look at how I’m spending my time-time.

I’ve been trying to get back to my desk and work on my next projects while keeping this move-in/settle-in bus rolling. Then there’s putting in miletime four or five days a week. And keeping my kid thinking and giggly. And hanging with the main squeeze, even when he comes home late from the office. And staying up news and reading books and magazines and links and doing the laundry and cleaning the tub and eating (sadly, lunch has become a wolfed-down Kind Bar in the car at 3 p.m. or nothing) and pushing for at least 7 hours of sleep. And, and, and …

I’m tired just writing all that.

Something’s got to give. I need to spend some time redrafting how I’m working this thing. Obviously I can’t take a hiatus to gather up focus, but the fact that I recognize the need for a change (or pause button) means I’m going in the right direction.

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