No Mini-Me’s. You Be You, Young’un!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It’s August! What the hell?! Anyway, kicking off the month with something new … well, new-ish. Starting this month I’m going to be posting video blogs (vlogs) once a week. Every week, rain or shine. Consistency is key, I realized, and I’m hoping you’ll keep me on point with it.

The first video is about this article I read in the NYT‘s Styles section today: Mini-Me With High Heels of Her Own.

Let’s get into it …

Now I’d like to hear from YOU! Let me know your thoughts on the video and on “the mini-me craze.” Leave a comment below or on the MMM YouTube page.

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    Yes! I remember wanting to wear mascara and heels in the 5th grade. FIFTH grade. And my mom was all like “Hold the phone. I. Don’t. Think. So.” When did parents stop parenting? I feel the same way about bikinis on little girls. Stop it! Just stop it. I don’t need to see your belly. You’re 9. I need you to go build a sandcastle.

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Haha! “I need you yo go build a sandcastle.” I can actually see you saying that, Colleen!
      Yeah, it’s been an issue, this “trend” of parents negotiating too much and letting the kids hold the power in the family. Not healthy or helpful. That’s my take on it, anyway.

      The NYT piece also talks about young girls’ fashion copying that of adult women. It points to the maxi-dress that’s in many kids’ clothing stores. Can you imagine a 7-year-old sporting a maxi-dress while trying to climb the monkey bars? Exactly. Stop it.

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    Sarah says:

    Just no. No no no. My little girl will not be wearing heels for a very long time. Like you said, it’s completely unnecessary. No.

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Listen, I barely wear heels in real life myself. Why put a little girl’s piggies through all that?!

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    Nailah says:

    Great video! I agree, no need to saddle little girls with any more baggage than they already have. High heels for little girls is pretty ridiculous.

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    Catherine says:

    I agree with what you said about the last paragraph in the article. You can set good example to your child by simply saying no, explaining why, and being firm about it.

    The only identical item of clothing my toddler and I have are red chuck taylors, but then my husband has a pair, too (I was the only one who had the shoes originally and he bought the same for the two of them, just for a laugh). Personally, I don’t have any shoes with heels of more than two inches. I do a lot of walking but there’s also a part of me that says every woman needs at least one pair of stilettos should the occasion call for it :-D

    But little girls? I agree with the other comment – let them be children – their time for high heels and make up will come. A few years ago I also read about a clothing line of padded swim tops for little girls! Why???!

    My daughter will have her own choices when she’s of age but as long as I am in charge I will continue feeding her (words of wisdom? crap? depends what side one is on) that she should never be affected by trends, choose clothes based on comfort not looks, and that, as one male friend joked, very high heels to a woman are what a tie is to a man – a woman scorned put a noose around her husband’s neck and it became a fashion statement (I still love ties on any age and gender, though, very cute).

    Hope you’re having a good summer, Nicole, and keep the vlogs coming :)