[Breastfeeding Awareness Month] So, How Long Should You Nurse That Kid?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guess who’s back with another video blog? Ah, yeah…You know it!

This post came about because of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, yes, in part, but also because of a clip my sister sent me from some knock-off version of the The View talk show called The Real (comment withheld) on some channel (doesn’t even matter), where the co-hosts were discussing how long you should breastfeed your babies.

I’ve linked to the clip above, but I’m  also going to spare you the chore of watching it. Basically, the clip is mostly an anti-breastfeeding ad.

“Once they have teeth, all bets are off. I am not doing that!”

“If your baby can say the word ‘boob,’ that’s enough.”

“I did it for three-and-half weeks. That ain’t for me. It was just a lot. Always got to pull ’em out and they’re leaking all over my clothes … that ain’t cute. The formula is just fine. It’s healthy for the kids. Nothing wrong with it. And I think he likes that better anyway.”

I don’t know where to even begin unpacking that last quote, so I won’t. Not worth it. Instead, let’s spend that energy watching the second (second, yo!) of my weekly vlogs:

I also wrote this post to give some shine to a new breastfeeding advocacy group called Au Baby. It’s the “baby” of my new BlogHer ’13 buddy Jolawn Victor, who hopes to “inspire, educate, and raise funds and awareness for breastfeeding.” The group wants to support and encourage mothers to start and keep breastfeed their babies, and — most important — to do so for as long as they choose.

As Jolawn explains, “I am a mother of three breastfed babies, and hope to help remove the barriers that prevent women from reaching their breastfeeding goals..”

Jolawn and Au Baby are sprinkling some gold dust on things — literally. Every August, starting next year, the group will ask women to paint their eyelids with bright gold eye shadow in order to raise funds for breastfeeding. They aim to “Make August Glow with an outward symbol to easily display support.”

Why gold?

“Gold, the element Au, is chosen because of its shared properties with breastmilk,” Jolawn says, “delicate, precious and valuable — one drop is like liquid gold!”

Learn more about the Au Baby initiative and help raise funds here.

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    My wife and I were talking about this last night and laughing about the saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk”. She said they obviously never sat around for an hour trying to pump 8 ounces for tomorrow’s lunch at the babysitter.