October’s Still Fresh; Time For “30WriteNow”!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So last year, the first day of October landed on a Monday. I mentioned that something about it felt fresh, like it was time to start something new and good and possibly a bit out of your lane. This craving for something different quickly turned into the #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge.

The rules were simple: Every day of October, you write something for 30 minutes or one full page. It could be  for your blog, an essay, your novel — doesn’t matter — just write! It’s about commitment, consistency. And for 30 days,* you strive to get it done. No editing or second-guessing what’s on the page, just write. Write now.

(*Yes, yes, October has 31 days, but back then we used it as a sort of safety net day.)


There were even daily one-word prompts provided. Every morning I would tweet out a word — courage, passion, regret, memory — for those who needed a little help jogging the creative. Folks were sharing blog links, pages, etc. It was a good, productive month.

This year with September sprinting downhill towards the finish line, the thought of doing another writing challenge for October did pop up. But I thought it was too late — hell, it was already October 1. But then a Twitter buddy asked if I had started another one, wondering if she had missed the start. That’s all I needed.

So … despite being two-and-a-half days into the month, I’d like to announce the #30Write Now October Writing Challenge 2.0! Who’s in?

We’ll run it from October 3-November 3 (there’s something cool about the 3’s, yes?). And the word prompt for tomorrow, should you need one, is: CLASSIC.

Write On. Write Now!

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