{vlog} What Country Did You Get Her From?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Here’s the post from The Stir that inspired the current chapter in the book I’m working on all about race and motherhood.

And here are two other interesting stories I came across while researching this book:

  • This one from the NYTimes on Sunday from a white father raising two black children. It’s a good essay, and one line that stood out for me was this: “Raising kids of color by white parents is not just a matter of love; it requires a racial consciousness that is common in families of color, but rarely developed in white families.”
  • This NPR story called “Holding Onto The Other Half of ‘Mixed-Raced‘” about a Norwegian-American woman with one white son and two older, mixed-race sons — one of whom prefers the term “mixed-heritage.”

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