GoldieBlox on What Little Girls Are Made Of

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The fantastic toy company GoldieBlox is back, “disrupting the pink aisle” with another excellent video. (Thanks for the tip, Upworthy!) This one shows three little girls bored with the princess-play options presented to them on television. What they do next will leave you smiling, or basically jumping from your seat and cheering, “GIRLS! ALL WE REALLY NEED IS GIRLS!”

GoldieBlox (man, what a great name!) was started by Debbie Sterling, an engineer who was always bothered by how few women there are in the field. Women account for a slim 11 percent of the engineers worldwide. You can watch Sterling’s 17-minute TEDx talk where she talks more about her mission to change the equation and inspire a generation of young women to become engineers. And with GoldieBlox, she’s starting young, planting those brilliant seeds of “You Got This!” in our little girls’ minds.

Those three little girls and their Rube Goldberg adventures made me think of this story in Fast Company last week about “A Girl Who Codes” and how more girls are kicking open the doors to the boys’ clubs. And to that I say, Girls! You are all more than princess maids!

P.S. Also seen on Upworthy: You can help GoldieBlox win a chance to air their commercial during the Super Bowl by voting for them here. Now that would be refreshing, right?

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