Yo, DJ! Gimme a Beat, And Make it Funky Now

Monday, November 25, 2013


I’ve finally finished the book proposal, y’all! And, yes, I’m shimmying in my chair as I type. Now comes the next hill: sending this jammy out. So, your good wishes and positive vibes are still greatly appreciated.

It’s definitely been a process writing this proposal. Very different from writing a novel. It takes discipline and forethought and vision. You have to know what you want to say, and be clear about it. Vague or cluttered doesn’t cut it. Writing this thing also takes time, focus and nerve. You’re not just talking this thing; you’re walking it.

I’m happy that I set out to do this project — albeit a full year-and-a-half after having the initial idea — and I’m really proud that I actually finished it.

Speaking of feel-good moments, have you seen this sweet video by photographer and father Benjamin Scot Miller? It’s theĀ “story of a mother’s love for her baby,” and it will warm your heart. Baby boy Ward Miles was born very premature, and his father captured the little one’s incredible fight for life.

Take the seven minutes, hit play and melt.