Me? Just Chillin’. Oh, Yeah, There’s Also …

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Y’all! I did it. That proposal I’ve been working on for the last few months — the one about motherhood and race — has landed your girl an agent. I’m thrilled. THRILLED! What a perfect way to head into American Thanksgiving: feeling full and grateful.

A big and loving “thank you” to my family, especially my husband and wise li’l sister, for the constant support and encouragement. Having those folks in my corner, standing right at my side cheering, listening, offering me kind worlds and direction, means everything to me. ¬†With them, I’m better, smarter, happier, and ready to slay dragons, if need be.

And you, MMM Crew, thanks for sending all the good vibes. It helped!

Normally I would show you my dance party right now. No, really. I would have my MacBook camera pointed directly on my wicked moves. (In fact, that might still happen.) But we’re in the car right now, and although we are indeed jammin’ on the ones, typing on my phone with intermittent service has proven to be its own janky challenge. So I’ll end it here, excited and joyful, and turning my attention towards scoring a book deal. That’s next! Send those good vibes, friends.

Wishing you all a happy holiday!