Love Is Not Enough: Talking Race and Adoption

Monday, February 3, 2014

A friend, who recently adopted this sweet baby boy, shared a link to the latest “Room For Debate” piece from the New York Times. This friend is white, her chubby, little bear is black, and the debate this week is: In Adoption, Does Race Matter?

Photo from Mitt Romney's Twitter page

Photo from Mitt Romney’s Twitter page

I finally got to read through it (none of the “debates” are terribly long — don’t worry. It was just Monday being Monday.).  There are some solid points made by all five debaters. Like this one by Syracuse law professor and author Kevin Noble Maillard, who also organized the conversation:

“Interracial adoption shouldn’t be such a completely black or white issue. The complexity is not going anywhere, so we should promote and embrace the gray.”

However, none of the pieces —  except maybe that of Twila L. Perry, a professor at Rutgers School of Law in Newark — delved into the gray of this issue. Perry answered the original question most directly:

“Race matters in adoptions because race matters in America.”

No one really moved the needle on the conversation — which is a complex one, for sure. There is no obvious “right” answer here, but I think the piece would have benefited by hearing from families of transracial adoption, parents keenly aware that “love is not enough,” trying to sort through the heavy, real-world challenges of figuring out identity and raising children who do not “look” like you.

All said, the NYT piece is a good read, and I would definitely like to hear your thoughts.

Do weigh in below!

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