Like the Bunkers Sang, ‘Those Were the Days’

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On Thursday, March 20, MMM turns 4! To celebrate the blogiversary we’re hosting Four Days of Fab Giveaways. It all kicked off Monday. Up for grabs are products (by people) I came to know through blogging these last four years; ergo, some good stuff, yo! Stay tuned to the blog and MMM’s Facebook page for updates, announcements and info.  You don’t want to miss this. Trust.


If (wait — if??!) you follow Ms. Mary Mack on Facebook, then you know that The Youngster is battling an ugly cold and cough. He’s home from school again today and, frankly, we’re all too through with this thing. No one’s getting proper sleep. He’s not eating much; just mainly asking for juice. His little kid pot belly — you know the cuteness I’m talking about — has vanished and his legs and arms are like slim poles. I even made him donuts (I said, DONUTS, y’all) yesterday and he was only marginally impressed. With his low-key, “Cool, Mom,” you would have thought he was 15, not 5.

Homemade Chocolate Donuts | Ms. Mary Mack

I’m not getting any work done. (In fact, I’m in my office right now hastily typing this post up while he’s in our bed with an iPad. Listen. It’s all I could do to get a shower in!) Basically, we’re miserable. This morning when he woke up at o-dark-thirty grouchy, whining  and complaining that he “feels very horrible,” I had a shudder-inducing flashback to the early days, the newborn boot camp days. Wait. Did a chill just rush up your spine too? Man. I don’t even want to reminisce too hard on all that madness, so let’s move on before I start stress-breathing and lactating spontaneously. Like the song says, the past is in the paaaaahhhaaaaast! 

Let It Go gif

In all seriousness, there are many things from Those Days that I do look back on warmly. Like the sweet bond that breastfeeding brought. Or the delightful “baby” smell of his neck, his cheeks, his breath. The tiny-mouth yawns. The funny face he made when he sneezed. The sleep sighs. The sleep smiles. How his tree branch legs became these squishy, nibble-worthy, puffalump, fat folds. Ah … Those Days. Keeping this glass all-the-way-full vibe going on the early parenthood thing, allow me to share today’s goods for MMM’s Four Days of Giveaways. (By the way, you can still toss your hat in the ring for yesterday’s Honest Tea Kids giveaway.) The wonderful people at Skip Hop have offered to send one lucky reader this fabulous Chelsea Downtown Chic diaper bag. I still have — and use — my original army green messenger bag from Skip Hop. It’s over five years old and still as nifty as ever. Big fan of this brand.   SkipHop Chelsea Bag | Ms. Mary Mack There’s more! The same randomly selected winner will also receive a Moby Wrap baby carrier. I gave my Moby Wrap to a new mom friend before we moved from Brooklyn — definitely the perfect city (i.e. we be walking) for babywearing.

Moby Wrap | Ms. Mary Mack

Still more! The same person — let’s call them Fortunate Franny/Freddy at this point — will also get a special set of Sticky Bellies, these fun, removable stickers for those sweet baby tummies and all their milestone moments. There are sets for boys and girls, and you can select monthly, milestone or holiday stickers. Your choice, Fortunate Franny/Freddy!

Sticky Bellies | Ms. Mary Mack

Sticky Bellies Father's Day | Ms. Mary Mack

Pretty nice haul, right? And here’s all you have to do to maybe walk away the winner (see below). Good luck!

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  • 1

    I hate to admit it, but I loved having an excuse to slow everything down…baby is napping! sorry I’m late — baby pooped all over just as I was on my way out! and then the so-very-tired excuse. It worked well for looking disheveled too. (I often look disheveled, so an excuse is always handy!)

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      So true! It was all slowed down and focused. It’s a shame so many of us were too stressed and panicked to appreciate it. Thanks, Kristin.

  • 2
    Anna says:

    I loved my free pass not to attend events, because baby needed to nurse/sleep/etc.

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      That’s right. But then when you were ready to commune with adults again, folks were like, “Oh, don’t bother. She can’t go. The bebe.” Thanks, Anna!

  • 3

    Oh your poor guy. I’ve been following along-I hope he starts to recover soon, man. The Plague is BRUTAL, especially when it involves kid germs. It will wear a mama OUT. And Those Days…sigh. Yea, I’m JUST starting to reach the clearing & edge out of them now that baby boy is 4mos old. I’m glad to be leaving them, but already missing the loveliness of those early days of newborn bliss. Ok now I’m crying.

    • 3.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Awww. And I’ve seen pictures of your little guy — what a sweet baby (all of your babies are walking cute factories, actually).

  • 4
    Yesenia says:

    Exciting to see how much they change every single day.

    • 4.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      I know. Sometimes (fine! A LOT of times) I look back at my son’s photos from that first year, and I melt. It is truly monumental, all that these tiny humans learn in those first 12 months.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • 5
    maya says:

    had a horrible night too with my 4 year old and yes, had those same flashbacks. thankfully the 10 month old slept through it all.

    • 5.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      The flashbacks, though… feels like you are RIGHT THERE. :-/

      Hope everyone is back on smooth roads again. Thanks for the comment, Maya.

  • 6
    Crystal Richardson says:

    Best part is the baby helps you focus on your life the way you need it to be priority, responsibility, family and friends..if you really have any…lol

  • 7
    Logan duVon says:

    All of the new milestones! They grow so fast something new happens every day it seems. Just getting to see the first smile, first giggle, etc makes all the exhaustion worth it

  • 8
    joanna garcia says:

    aww hope he is much better now! The best part of newborn parenthood is taking it all in and slowing down to experience everything and to treasure all these lil moments when they do not talk back, etc. they hang to you for everything!

  • 9
    Teresa Honores says:

    The best part of newborn parenthood is being with the baby and getting to know all his or hers lil quirks and everything about them!