Celebrating 5 Years of MMM with a Change

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today marks five years of the Ms. Mary Mack blog! Can you believe it? Man. When I think back to where I was five years ago, as a new mom … listen, even I’m giving myself a round of applause. We’ve come a long way, baby. And, more important, we’ve learned and laughed through it all.

Nicole Blades | Celebration | Ms. Mary Mack

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And you deserve shine, too, friends. Yes, all of you who have supported me and this blog over the last half a decade. I SAID HALF-DECADE. WE OLD, THELMA! Your comments, your “Global Mama tales, your guest posts, your advice, and your willingness to listen and share your stories as we work at this parenthood thing — all of it is priceless, all of it is treasured.  Thank you.

To celebrate MMM growing up, I’ve decided to make some changes on the blog. It’s more natural progression than a change. Being honest, I considered shutting the whole thing down and focusing on other projects. But somehow that didn’t feel right.

As I wrote on the homepage (top right-hand column), Ms. Mary Mack began as a parenting blog that tracked the monumental transition from “me to mom,” with the hope of gaining insight, information and wisdom, and passing it along. I still feel that way, that there is insight and intel to gather and share. However, it felt like the scope needed to widened beyond “just” parenting.

That’s because there’s more breadth here.

Six years into being a mother, I’ve changed. We all have. We’ve grown into this integral role of parent with confidence and compassion. So now it’s quite natural to widen the focus of this blog to include the other interests, influences and important parts of our lives. This means pop culture, media, trends, hot takes, photography, all of it. Hey, we may even debate whether red velvet will become the new pumpkin spice. It’s all relevant. It’s all good. And I hope you’ll join me as we keep it moving forward.

A love toast (heh.) to you, my friends. And Happy 5th Blogiversary to us all!

Love Toasted by Nicole Blades | Ms, Mary Mack

(photo by Nicole Blades, Samsung USA Imagelogger)


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    Cyn K says:

    Congratulations on your half decade and best wishes on the next five years!

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    Well, I for one am glad you resisting shutting it all down. I look forward to hearing more from you on a wider range of issues. You’ve been moving that way for a while anyway. Hit the ground running!