Another Week Like This, Please? (Or, Good News Alert!)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

So very excited to share a bit of news! I’ve been invited to join Twigtale’s inaugural Parent Advisory Council. The company is about creating personalized parenting tools and children’s books to help our little ones process the bigger transitions happening in their young lives.




As the announcement blog post says, Twigtale aims to connect children and parents through storytelling.

“You see, we believe that everyone has a story. There are plot twists and obstacles, but the magic will always remain in how we make meaning of the journey.” 

And, if you know how I move through this life, they kind of had me at “storytelling.” Actually, it was one of my earlier blog posts here on MMM — about talking the tiny human about big things — that really sold them on me! Always makes you feel good to know that something your wrote resonated.

I’m honored to be working with Twigtale, and look forward to the journey with this fine group of writers, creatives, thinkers, and parents.

More goodness to share …

My wise litter sister Nailah and I put together a global good panel that we’ve pitched for SXSW next year. And we’re so fortunate to have the superb Chrysula Winegar and Heather Barmore join us as speakers on the panel.

The pitch looks at how to use social media to turn compassion into ACTION. This feels timely and important — urgent, even — especially in this current climate in the U.S. and other parts of the globe. Hashtags can only go so far. It’s time to move beyond words and DO something.

TAKEACTION | Compassion to Action | SXSW 2016

But we need your VOTE. If you go to our panel link here, you’ll first be asked to sign in. Don’t let that be a turn-away thing. It’s easy; you can even sign in using your Facebook account. Once you do, you can vote (thumbs-up) for our panel.

Thank you for your support, friends!

One last piece of news … but this has to remain under the cloak for now. But I’ve been invited to speak at a major conference later this year, and I. am. hyped! Can’t wait to share this fun update with you soon.

That’s it, folks. Feeling pretty good. Although I’m still shaking my head about the fact that we’re already mid-August. *insert angry cat profile emoji*

Until soon, you can catch me on Twitter and Facebook (and here on FB too).

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