Fresh For October: #30WriteNow Kick-Off and a ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ DVD Giveaway

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Three years ago today, a friend and I decided to start the #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge. The rules around it were simple: Write for at least 30 minutes without stopping to edit or second-guess. Just spill it out on the page. It could be for your blog, an essay, your novel — doesn’t matter. The point is: you write, consistently! And you do this every day for 30 days. (We use October 31st as a spare tire, in case you miss a day during the month).

I’ve continued the #30WriteNow challenge each year, sharing writing prompts every morning on Twitter, should you need a little help getting those story juices flowing.

Today’s prompt: VACANT.

All right, so who’s down to do this? Well, if you are, get to it. Write!

Nicole Blades | Imagelogger | The Great Pumpkin

With fall officially here and freshness in the air, it feels like the right time for a giveaway, yes? (The correct answer is only ever yes.)

Have you been watching the new fall TV shows? I know. There’s so much damn television on these days, will we ever really feel caught up? Some of the shows are good, but there are plenty that are a lot less, uh, good.

One show that had a solid debut and came back strong for its second season this year is ABC’s Fresh Off the BoatThe quick “what’s it about”…

Eddie Huang, a 12-year-old hip-hop head and jokester, moves with his family from D.C.’s Chinatown to Orlando where his dad, Louis, tries to get rich or die tryin’ (shouts, Fiddy!) in the steakhouse biz. It’s set in the ’90s, which has baked-in jokes on its own, and the rest of the family — especially the mom, Jessica — bring the funny.

So … Fresh Off the Boat‘s Season 1 DVD is out and up for grabs right here!


All you have to do is share which TV shows you’re most hyped about seeing — either new or returning — with a quick line about why, and you’re in the running to win this free DVD box set, which includes a gag reel.

The winner will be announced October 15th!

  • 1
    Wendi Aarons says:

    I am most excited to see American Horror Story, but I will be watching that alone.

    As a family, we are diehard fans of “The Middle” and “Fresh of the Boat” and I’m not just saying that to win. My boys plan their weeks around Eddie.

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Haha! I like that they plan their weeks around Eddie. That’s some committed fandom right there.

  • 2

    I just finished binging on the entirety of LOST (it took since June) with my husband, so I want something straightforward. I’m looking forward to gritty DVRd episodes of SVU.

    Also, I’m going to TRY to do the 30 minutes of free-writing.