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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heyyyy! Things have changed in the last couple of years. I’ve moved out of the parenting blog space (it was a good time indeed), and now I’m focused on writing books. Click on over to my website:


“There is nothing that will really prepare you for becoming a mother. You go into the hospital or birthing center as yourself—only pregnant—and leave an entirely different person. It doesn’t matter how cool and top-of-game you were before your kid comes into the world, the fact is, at some point you will feel overwhelmed.”

That’s what I wrote back in 2010, when I launched Ms. Mary Mack. It’s very much how I felt, how a lot of new mothers felt making that giant, seemingly impossible leap from being yourself to being someone’s actual mother.

But since then my son has grown a lot. So have I. So have you. We’ve become more confident and clear about the kind of parent we want to be, and have allowed that self-possession and resolve to lead us in our daily decisions and choices about what makes the most sense for our families.

Of course, we still get overwhelmed. When it comes to parenthood, feeling overwhelmed and overworked, like we’re juggling way too many things — well, those moments are practically baked in, right?  But we deal. We figure it out. We laugh, and make snarky comments about the whole thing. And we prevail.

So now, with more than 5 years under my belt with this blog — and more important, as someone’s mother — it feels like a good time to widen the scope of Ms. Mary Mack. We’ll still talk about parenting and Life Balance, but also up for discussion (and jokes!): pop culture and media. That means books, movies, TV shows, magazine stories, culture, hot takes, trends, and we might even talk about baked goods. It’s all up grabs and gabs (heh.) on this blog.

Join the ride, good people!

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