This Giveaway’s So Good, Might Just Marry It.

Good News Showcase Monday, April 20, 2015

These first four months of 2015 have been a glorious ride. Kicked it all off in January with some truly fantastic news: I landed a two-book deal with Kensington. Two novels! The first of which will be published in Fall 2016.

RoundnRound | Ms. Mary Mack

(Photos by me; @nbee3 on Instagram.)

Then we followed up with some wonderful birthdays — my son’s, mine, my mother’s, and my younger sister wrapped up the cake-day celebrations at the end of March. And let’s not forget that MMM turned five last month, too!

There have also been some firsts and fist-bumps for me professionally, starting with publishing my first essay for the Washington Post‘s On Parenting column. I have two(!) more essays filed with them, to be published soon. And then over the weekend, my first BuzzFeed post went live, and the reaction to it has been really good. I keep getting notices about it “blowing up” on different social media sites. Like McConaughey would say, alrigh’, alrigh’, alrigh’.

Plus, spring has finally decided to join us, here on the Northeast. And over the weekend, The Youngster showed us that he knows how to ride a Big Boy bike. From balance bike to real-deal two wheels …  my heart, my heart!

Talcott Reservoir | Ms. Mary Mack

(Photos by me; @nbee3 on Instagram.)

So, yeah. I think it’s time to spread some love up in here with a giveaway. And this one is so, so good — in every sense of the word.

I’m so pleased and honored to be able to offer up two outstanding products from fashionABLE, the company dedicated to creating sustainable business in Africa by working with local women there to help them start small business cooperatives. (Definitely read more about fashionABLE’s worthy commitment to create lasting change.)

Each product is named after one the African women with whom fashionABLE works, and there’s also a note attached to the item about what the woman was able to do through this partnership. (Special shouts to Liz and my Cool Mom Picks fam for introducing me to fashionABLE and all the good that is coming out of this group.)

The Mamuye Tote from FashionABLE | Ms. Mary Mack

This very special giveaway will see one lucky reader walking away with a Mamuye Tote, which is handcrafted in Ethiopia and made from 100 percent Ethiopian distressed leather. Listen. I have this tote, and I’m here to tell you all — dopeness! You will look fly with this slung over your shoulder. Trust.

Salam Scarf by FashionABLE | Ms. Mary Mack

That same lucky loo will also receive one Selam Scarf, which is 100 percent super-soft cotton and hand-woven in Ethiopia. Again, flyness is guaranteed with one of these medium weight numbers.

And all you have to do is leave a comment below, sharing some good news — could be yours or your neighbor’s. DASSIT! 

Honestly, how fab is this? Pretty damn fab, I’d say.

Good luck, good people. The winner will be announced at the end of this month.

Celebrating 5 Years of MMM with a Change

Good News Showcase Friday, March 20, 2015

Today marks five years of the Ms. Mary Mack blog! Can you believe it? Man. When I think back to where I was five years ago, as a new mom … listen, even I’m giving myself a round of applause. We’ve come a long way, baby. And, more important, we’ve learned and laughed through it all.

Nicole Blades | Celebration | Ms. Mary Mack

(photo by Nicole Blades, Samsung USA Imagelogger)

And you deserve shine, too, friends. Yes, all of you who have supported me and this blog over the last half a decade. I SAID HALF-DECADE. WE OLD, THELMA! Your comments, your “Global Mama tales, your guest posts, your advice, and your willingness to listen and share your stories as we work at this parenthood thing — all of it is priceless, all of it is treasured.  Thank you.

To celebrate MMM growing up, I’ve decided to make some changes on the blog. It’s more natural progression than a change. Being honest, I considered shutting the whole thing down and focusing on other projects. But somehow that didn’t feel right.

As I wrote on the homepage (top right-hand column), Ms. Mary Mack began as a parenting blog that tracked the monumental transition from “me to mom,” with the hope of gaining insight, information and wisdom, and passing it along. I still feel that way, that there is insight and intel to gather and share. However, it felt like the scope needed to widened beyond “just” parenting.

That’s because there’s more breadth here.

Six years into being a mother, I’ve changed. We all have. We’ve grown into this integral role of parent with confidence and compassion. So now it’s quite natural to widen the focus of this blog to include the other interests, influences and important parts of our lives. This means pop culture, media, trends, hot takes, photography, all of it. Hey, we may even debate whether red velvet will become the new pumpkin spice. It’s all relevant. It’s all good. And I hope you’ll join me as we keep it moving forward.

A love toast (heh.) to you, my friends. And Happy 5th Blogiversary to us all!

Love Toasted by Nicole Blades | Ms, Mary Mack

(photo by Nicole Blades, Samsung USA Imagelogger)


Some Big, Happy, Good News!

Good News Showcase Friday, January 23, 2015

So I’ve been sitting on some really good news for a minute now, but after receiving an email from my agent this week, I can finally sing it out to the heavens …

I’ve landed a two-book deal with Kensington Books!

The first novel, THE THUNDER BENEATH US, will be published Fall 2016. And novel #2 will (likely) be out the following year.

MMM-Champagne | Ms. Mary Mack

Very happy and super excited. Yaaaay! 

Running On E — as in Excitement!

Good News Showcase Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winners for the Driving the King book giveaway will be announced Friday. Make sure you get your comments in now. All you have to do to enter this one is share one thing that you’re looking forward to in 2015. So far readers have said everything from date nights to summer!

And speaking of books, I’m so excited — and honored — to have my essay included in this book, Tales from Another Mother Runner: Triumphs, Trials, Tips, and Tricks from the Road, debuting March 3! (Available for pre-order on Amazon now.)



It’s the third installment from friends of MMM Dimity McDowell Davis and Sarah Bowen Shea, the talented duo that brought you the popular Run Like a MotherThis time around, the book is a collection of 20 essays from other mother runners from around the U.S. Spoiler alert: The book is going to be so damn rad!

To promote the book, Dimity and Sarah are inviting some of the book contributors to their Another Mother podcast, and I was so pleased to kick things off this week. I had blast with those two ladies, and they asked me to read an excerpt from my essay called “Taking the Title and Running With It.” You can have a listen for yourself. (I join the fun around the 21-minute mark, but do listen to the whole show.)

I’m also happy that DMD and SBS have asked me to join them on one or two stops on their  book tour. Stay tuned for dates and cities!

And let me know what you think of the pod.

P.S. This Carly Simon song is now haunting my daydreams. Big “thanks” to the AMR gals for that one. Hmph.

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