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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Global Mamas series will profile one mother from every country on the globe. It’s a grand assignment, but one that we believe will be informative, inspirational and, in the end, downright fascinating.

The Global Mamas  series is about giving these women a space to share how they are doing this important work with style — their style. It’s also about giving them a deserved ovation.

Here’s where we’ve “been” so far and the delightful women we’ve met …


Meet Farrah Ritter. She’s an adventure-seeking expat mom from the States  living in the Netherlands with her family of five — that’s mom, dad, and three boys under the age of 6. Yeah. So, you know, adventures. [more]

Czech Republic
Meet Virginia Calderon. All her life, she was a free spirit , never with a set plan. “I just did things in the heat of the moment,” she says. The came baby and — yep — all of that went out the window. [more]

Meet Catherine Batac Walder, a full-time wife, mother to a 21-month-old baby girl, and boat sweeper living in South East England. Originally from the Philippines, Catherine moved across Norway, Finland and Portugal from 2005-2007 on a European M.Phil. scholarship. [more]

Meet 31-year-old Iovanna Gico Roller. She came to us by way of another mama who lives in Brooklyn, (definitely one of the most Global cities on earth). Iovanna’s 1.5-year-old son Lucca entered the picture as she planned for another big moment in life, changing her for the better. [more]

We’ve long said that it does’t matter if you’re a mother of 7-month-old or a 7-year-old, you have something valuable to share and we want to hear it. So, meet Fabienne Colimon. She’s a proud single mother of now-grown daughter living and “thriving” in Haiti. [more]

Meet Güneş Güner IŞIK. She’s a 36-year-old fashion director for GQ Turkey. Now, instead of me telling your more about her, it’s way better to have her do it: “I have eight years as mother; eight years as a wife, and 16 years as a creative. My funky son, Dara, is in the second grade. He’s one of these new weird kids who knows a bit too much. And he’s very creative.” [more]

Meet Xiaoni Chen. Born in Beijing in early morning, journalist Xiaoni’s name (the Chinese characters) means “dawn girl.” She received a BA in journalism in China, then a master degree in journalism at UT Austin, and has spent much of her career working as a TV news producer. In fact, it was a mutual journo friend who connected us. So, let’s just say that journalism figures large in her life. [more]

Meet Marisa Low. She’s a 34-year-old working in marketing communications in the Singapore civil service. After being married for six years, Marisa became a mom in 2010. While her “very chatty” firstborn son, J.R., just moved into his Terrible Twos, Marisa’s expecting a baby girl in June. [more]

Meet Sharmaine Lovegrove. She’s the founder Germany’s first English-language literary agency. Born in South London-born, Sharmaine, 30, has a diverse career path that has included work in film production, literary publishing, and public relations. Based in Berlin since February 2009, Sharmaine had her first son, Jackson, in August 2011. [more]

Meet Alison Lee, a former public relations and marketing professional turned blogger and stay-at-home mother to her 2-year-old son “Monkey” and another baby on the way. Alison lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with her husband and son. [more]

Meet Irene Nam, a 34-year-old photographer and writer born and raised in Paris, France, where she currently lives with her husband and twin sons, Sean and Will, 10. She speaks three languages: French, Korean — fluently — and English. “I learned English in junior and high school,” she says, “so I speak it with a French accent.” Can it get more international (or cuter!) than that? [more]

Meet Gillian Bruce, a single mom who came our way through our “calling out” post from some months ago. Gillian, 44, lives in in Pointe-A-Pierre, Trinidad, where she’s raising her 5-year-old daughter Thandiwe. A lover of languages (she holds an MA in French Language and Literature and speaks German and Spanish), Gillian is a French teacher at a secondary school in Trinidad. [more]

Meet Sharoon, a former Montessori teacher and travel writer who moved to Dallas from Bangalore, India, with her husband seven years ago. Then came the “cuddle bug.” Now a full-time mom, devoting her life to raising her only child and in the process, hoping to continue unraveling life’s many mysteries. [more]

Meet Armelle, a French woman living and raising her 11-month-old son in Spain. When asked to give a little background about herself, Armelle, 39, made no mention of what she does for a living. It was interesting and charming— and probably very European. [more]

Meet Natalie Revie. Eleven years ago, while on a backpacking trip, the 30-year-old fell in love — with Thailand. The gorgeous beaches and warm, friendly people won her heart. Then five years ago, she moved there for good. The freelance writer, blogger and mom of a 2.5 -year-old was drawn instantly to “the freedom of the place.” [more]

Meet Nancy Blades. I know this 40-year-old mother of twins through a mutual friend in Toronto. Of course we had to meet. We have the same last name. There’s no relation—that we readily know of. But we’re both black girls. Canadian black girls. Canadian black girls with parents from the Caribbean. So, math tells us there’s some link there somehow. [more]

Meet Cristina Braga da Cruz, a woman with a new mission in life: To tell it like it is. “Or at least like it was for me.” She’s 38. She lives in Portugal. And she’s a mom. That last part didn’t come so easy, though. For Cristina, there were no birds singing or hearts bursting or any of the things she had been told in the “fairytale” on motherhood. [more]

New Zealand
Meet Elaine Shen Rollins, who was born in Taiwan and raised mainly in California and then moved clear across the globe to Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband and daughter last year. Even though we were in different time-zones (“It’s Monday evening for you, Tuesday morning for me!”) and chatted via e-mail, Elaine’s honesty, insight and warmth came through loud and clear. [more]


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    […] so stay tuned for more from her. In the meantime, definitely check out her blog, especially her Global Mamas series if you want to hear more cross-cultural parenting […]

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    Deb Quinn says:

    Hi – Am so interested in this project because of its cosmopolitan nature: finding sameness & not being afraid of difference. I’m an expat working mom living in Abu Dhabi – been here for 3 years & am looking at probably 5 more. Sometimes living here is fabulous & sometimes all I can think is that I wish it were easier to buy bacon. (Pork products: special room in back of one particular grocery store.)

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    elana says:

    Michelle told me about your project. I am an ex pat living in Israel. Mother to a 3 year old and 1.3 year old twins. Let me know if you want me to participate

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