Some Big, Happy, Good News!

Good News Showcase Friday, January 23, 2015

So I’ve been sitting on some really good news for a minute now, but after receiving an email from my agent this week, I can finally sing it out to the heavens …

I’ve landed a two-book deal with Kensington Books!

The first novel, THE THUNDER BENEATH US, will be published Fall 2016. And novel #2 will (likely) be out the following year.

MMM-Champagne | Ms. Mary Mack

Very happy and super excited. Yaaaay! 

Last Week Was a Total Jerk. Good Riddance!

Life As Mom Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last week was not my favorite. I was still trying to kick The Cough and get my energy back. Then out of no where, The Youngster got hit with a stomach virus. And by hit, I mean hit harrrrrd. Clobbered, actually. He ended up not being able to keep Gatorade or even water down.  This lead to his being very dehydrated. We had to go straight to the ER from his pediatrician’s office — in an ambulance.

The IV fluids helped, but he was in such bad shape that the doctors admitted him to the hospital, where we stayed for two nights.

Yeah. Like I said, not my favorite.

Oh, and then there was the part where my husband woke up like dis: high fever and severe body aches.

I was practically tripping over myself trying to take care of both my homies before the ER thing happened. It was a mess, and I’m glad it’s behind us. Now I’m happy to report that the household is healthy and back on the good foot. To celebrate, how about a #giveaway?

Recently, The Youngster has been talking more about music. Pop music. He’s been seeing the commercial for the new “Kidz Bop 27” CD on television and singing along with a few of the song clips. It’s adorable. But it’s also, like, wait… are you growing up on me?

Kidz Bop 27 | Ms. Mary Mack

Honestly, the whole kidz music thing was barely in my periphery until maybe the last month. My son basically listens to whatever we listen to, and that can range from Jimmy Cliff and the tUnE-yArDs to Sia and Sam Smith. But I decided to give the Kidz a listen, and I’m totally into it. Catchy ditties, no parental-advisory lyric concerns — what’s not to like? Plus, them kidz can belt! Some of these young’uns sound better than your fave pop star.

So, good news: One of you can also get in on the fun with us. We’re giving away one free copy of the brand new “Kidz Bop 27″ CD. And all you have to do is share a song lyric that you’ve discovered you got terribly wrong. Fun!

The winner will be announced next week.

Running On E — as in Excitement!

Good News Showcase Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winners for the Driving the King book giveaway will be announced Friday. Make sure you get your comments in now. All you have to do to enter this one is share one thing that you’re looking forward to in 2015. So far readers have said everything from date nights to summer!

And speaking of books, I’m so excited — and honored — to have my essay included in this book, Tales from Another Mother Runner: Triumphs, Trials, Tips, and Tricks from the Road, debuting March 3! (Available for pre-order on Amazon now.)



It’s the third installment from friends of MMM Dimity McDowell Davis and Sarah Bowen Shea, the talented duo that brought you the popular Run Like a MotherThis time around, the book is a collection of 20 essays from other mother runners from around the U.S. Spoiler alert: The book is going to be so damn rad!

To promote the book, Dimity and Sarah are inviting some of the book contributors to their Another Mother podcast, and I was so pleased to kick things off this week. I had blast with those two ladies, and they asked me to read an excerpt from my essay called “Taking the Title and Running With It.” You can have a listen for yourself. (I join the fun around the 21-minute mark, but do listen to the whole show.)

I’m also happy that DMD and SBS have asked me to join them on one or two stops on their  book tour. Stay tuned for dates and cities!

And let me know what you think of the pod.

P.S. This Carly Simon song is now haunting my daydreams. Big “thanks” to the AMR gals for that one. Hmph.

Eyes Forward for 2015 (plus, a GIVEAWAY!)

Pop Culture + Media Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

That sound you’re hearing? Oh, nothing. It’s just Cold-Cough-Headache-Chills trying to roll up in here and ruin the party. Jerk. I’ve been ignoring that fool for two days now, and I think I might win this thing. (Just nod and offer me more tea, please.)

Anyway, here we are, friends. It’s 2015. A fresh, new year with a clear path ahead.

ClearPath-NicoleBlades | Ms. Mary Mack

In the past, I’ve tried to come up with my one-word for the year. The word that would help guide my thoughts and intentions. A word that would serve as my theme as I marched into the newness of the year. But 2014 blew through here, nearly taking the door of its hinges as it left. And especially near the end of the year, with the all the heartbreak and cruelty and injustice threatening to gobble us up whole, so many of us felt lost. Felt like we were struggling. Like we were wrestling.

But there were good things too. My healthy family. My new niece. Celebrations. Reunions. Friends. Laughter. Happiness. The Youngster soaking up every bit of joy this curious, spinning world has to offer him. And the utter delight of basking in this kid’s glow.

Torrey-Pines-Beach_NBlades | Ms. Mary Mack

So instead of finding one word for 2015, I think I’m going to just open the blank page of this ever-entertaining book and wait for them to appear, relishing in each one as it comes.

And speaking of books, I think this is a good day for a GIVEAWAY!

Ravi Howard, writer, father, MMM guest contributor, and certified homey, has a new novel out called Driving the King. And today is his pub date. The book is already receiving great reviews, including — sniff — from The New York Times. Very excited for Ravi. That guy deserves all the shine and more.

Now, here’s where you come in. The kind folks at HarperCollins have offered up TWO books for this giveaway. And all you have to do is leave a comment below about one thing you’re looking forward to in 2015. That’s it.

Leave you comment below, and the TWO lucky winners will be announced later this month.

Oh, and stay tuned for more giveaways and book talk this year on MMM. We’re diving in, people. Be ready.


Be sure to stop by MMM’s Facebook Page and say hey for the New Year.  And “Like” us, if you haven’t already.

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