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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hi, it’s me, Nicole. Telling stories, that’s my jam. Telling my own story? Always a little awkward. Let’s do it anyway — for the participation pin.

I was born and raised in Montreal. It was good place to come up. Also, yes, I do speak French. I’d like to speak more of it, but trying to find someone to parlez avec moi en français in Brooklyn was challenge enough, could you imagine in central Connecticut?

Oh, yeah. I should mention here that we moved from Brooklyn — where my son was born — to central Connecticut the summer of 2011. How was that? Like this.

Let’s just say, I’m still trying to find my footing here in the semi-sticks (we share our backyard with bears, dear, foxes, and a gang of wild turkeys). But I’m sure I feel settled soon. It will happen … right? This is where you nod and say, RIGHT!

Back to my story:

After graduating from York University in Toronto with a BA in Mass Communications and a BA in Psychology, I moved to NYC to be a journalist. And you know what? That’s what exactly what I did, and I’ve been doing it for the last 15 years. Pretty proud of that. It takes grit and grace and resolve to lean into a vision you have for yourself and I did just it.

A few other things I’ve done:

  • Co-found an online magazine for savvy young women called SheNetworks (that was featured in Wired magazine)
  • Worked as an editor at sports media giant ESPN.com
  • Left that gig to finish writing a story that came to me years earlier: Earth’s Waters. This debut novel was published in the spring of 2007 and won an Independent Publishers’ bronze medal later that year
  • Launched Ms. Mary Mack blog as a way to share intel, stories and adventures in parenting with compassion and common sense

These days I write for  MORE Magazine, Cosmopolitan, xoJane.com, Huffington Post, Mom.me, PBS Parents, and NYTimes.com, while maintaining Ms. Mary Mack. For more on my writing projects and to read excerpts from my work click over to Blades Central.

And that’s the gist. Thanks for stopping by. Talk soon, yes?

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